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Social, Emotional and Mental Health and Wellbeing

What Are Social, Emotional Mental Health Needs

Social, Emotional Mental Health Needs can be defined as an overarching term for children and young people who demonstrate difficulties with emotional regulation and/or social interaction and/or are experiencing mental health problems.

Children and young people who have difficulties with their emotional and social development may have immature social skills and find it difficult to make and sustain healthy relationships. These difficulties may be displayed through the child or young person becoming withdrawn or isolated, as well as through challenging, disruptive or disturbing behaviour. A wide range and degree of mental health needs might require special provision to be made. These could manifest as difficulties such as problems of mood (anxiety or depression), problems of conduct (oppositional problems, including aggression), self-harming, substance abuse, eating disorders or physical symptoms that are medically unexplained. Some children and young people may have other recognised disorders such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), attachment disorder, autism or pervasive developmental disorder, or an anxiety disorder.

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