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SEND Sufficiency Plan 2018-2021

Rotherham’s SEND Sufficiency Plan has been produced after an extensive study of provision, predicted needs, and consultation with all stakeholders.

Alongside the sufficiency of SEND provision detailed for Early Years and school age children, further work is underway to improve the offer of provision for learners beyond the age of 16.

Before receiving the SEND funding allocation the Council were required to:

Before receiving the SEND funding allocation the Council were required to:

  • Consult with parents and carers of children with SEN and disabilities and young people with SEN and disabilities.
  • Work with education providers to agree how the funds can best be targeted.
  • Where we work collaboratively on projects, these included in the plan with an explanation of which other local authorities we have collaborated with and how.
  • Where a project will both create additional places and improve facilities for current and future pupils, we have shown on the plan how much funding will be spent on each of the two objectives. This may involve estimating how much of the project’s investment would go towards each of these two aims.

Consultation took place between October 23 2017 and December 8 2017 and consultees included:

  • SEND specialists including Autism Communication Team, Inclusion Support Services, Educational Psychology Service, Special School leadership, Mental Health Services and the Children’s Disability Team.
  • Focus / parent groups, specialist groups, Parents and Carers and children including - Rotherham Parents Forum, SEND Information and Advice Support Service, Rotherham Private, Voluntary and Independent Consortium, Young Person’s Consultation Forum and Autism Stakeholders Group.
  • Elected Members including Borough Councillors, Parish Councils and Members of Parliament for the three Rotherham Area constituencies.
  • Schools, Further Education Colleges and private providers within the Borough.
  • Neighbouring Local Authorities.
  • Other interested parties and stakeholders.

The purpose of the consultation was to raise awareness of the proposal to increase the number of SEND school places and provide an opportunity to all interested stakeholders to contribute, with the aim of establishing any concerns and issues affecting the local community and the longer term development of the SEND provision.

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