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Rotherham Key Choices (Housing Register)

Rotherham Key Choices is a service dedicated to helping residents apply for a council property, guiding them through the process from start to finish.

Applicants who wish to move in to a council property will go on to the housing register and be informed of the procedure and requirements by housing staff who will help every step of the way, from submitting the application, to handing over the keys.

To qualify to go on Rotherham's housing register you need to be:

  • Over 16 years of age
  • Have a local connection of three years to Rotherham
  • Do not owe any monies to a current or former Landlord
  • In order to apply, you are required to provide proof of 3 years ‘local connection’ to Rotherham. This will be confirmation of employment in Rotherham and/or proof of yours or a family member's address history in Rotherham for 3 years.

If you owe money to the Council, a private landlord or a Housing Association for current or former tenant arrears you will be required to set up a payment plan to reduce this debt.

If you owe £800 or more you will not qualify to go on the housing register. You may reapply when you have cleared the arrears in full, or kept to a repayment arrangement which reduces the debt by at least 25%.

If you qualify to go on the register you need to consider the cost of getting your own place to live.

Visit the Rotherham Key Choices website