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Social Care jargon

The following jargon is used in the Social Care profession.

Abbreviations/ Acronyms Definition/ Meaning
AHDC Aiming High for Disabled Children
CA Carers Assessment
CAF Common Assessment Framework
CART Contact Assessment Referral Team
CDFSS Children's Disability Family Support Service
CDIO Children's Disabilities Information Officer
CDR Children's Disability Register
CDT Children's Disability Team
CHCA Continuing Health Care Assessment
CIN Child in Need
CP Child Protection
CPP Child Protection Plan
DLA Disability Living Allowance
DP Direct Payment
EH Early Help
EHCP Education Health & Care Plan
ES Early Support
FCAF Family Common Assessment Framework
FIS Families Information Service
FSW Family Support Worker
FTC Families Together Carer
IB Individual Budget
LAC Looked After Child
LO Local Offer
LP Lead Professional
LW Lead Worker
PB Personal Budget
PCP Person Centred Planning
PCR Person Centred Reviews
PHB Personal Health Budget
RAS Resource Allocation System
SA Single Assessment
SB Short Breaks
SBP Short Breaks Panel
SBS Short Breaks Statement
SW Social Worker
TAC Team around the Child
TAF Team around the Family